Pete Cabrinha on the Crosswing
Pete Cabrinha on the Crosswing

Cabrinha Crosswing

The Crosswing is a compact, fully controllable inflatable wing with an incredibly wide range of use on water or land. There is no mast, no separate boom or control bar. Once you inflate the wing (in as little as 20 seconds), it is ready to fly.

Featuring four handles with a gap in the middle that saves on weight as well as needless complications when at the helm, the Crosswing is available as a bright yellow four square metre low-aspect design that aids upwind efficiency and reduces the tip-drags in the water.

Cabrinha Crosswing
Crosswing airframe and handles

The Crosswing is instantly compatible with many sorts of boards, from foil boards to snowboards to skateboards.

Freedom at home on Maui for Pete

Some popular questions answered by Cabrinha:

Is the Crosswing meant to replace a kite or a windsurfer?

No. The Crosswing provides an experience that is unique and very different from kitesurfing or windsurfing. It has many unique features that benefit certain conditions, situations and locations. You can add a Crosswing to your existing kite or windsurf quiver to broaden your fun on the water. Of course, the Crosswing can be your exclusive wind powered tool of choice. It’s up to you to decide.

Who is this wing for?

The Crosswing is literally for anyone. It has a performance level high enough to satisfy expert riders and the safety to entice first time wing surfers.

Where can I use the Crosswing?

The Crosswing can be used on any body of water or land regardless of size. Oceans, lakes, ponds and reservoirs are all fair game.

Cabrinha Crosswing

Does the Crosswing have similar restrictions to kitesurfing in terms of access?

Because the Crosswing does not have flying lines like a kite, it is not subject to the same restrictions that kitesurfing is sometimes subject to. This means that you can fly the Crosswing near airports and areas which are normally designated as windsurfing zones. (local rules apply). The Crosswing can be launched directly from docks, boats, and from narrow shorelines (think beaches and lakes with trees close to the water). The unique design and natural function of the Crosswing itself poses virtually no danger to other beach goers. With proper precautions it can be set up and packed down in the presence of other beach goers.

What type of board can I use with the Crosswing?

Virtually any type of board that supports the conditions you’ll be using it in. Whether it be on water or land the Crosswing acts as a power source to drive your preferred board.

Is the Crosswing safe?

Let’s put it this way. In terms of the lightweight inflatable structure and the Crosswing’s intuitive function… it’s incredibly safe. The power control is very easy and if you completely let go of the wing when connected to the supplied wrist leash it will depower immediately with virtually no residual pull. The wing itself poses little to no risk to the rider or others around them.

How would you compare the Crosswing and a foil to Windfoiling (windsurfer with foil)?

For starters, the Crosswing is lighter, less expensive, more compact, has better transportability and is safer than a windsurfer with a foil. The Crosswing’s structure is 100% inflatable and fully integrated. Unlike a windsurfer which requires separate and expensive sails, booms, masts and universals. Secondly, the Crosswing can be ridden on mid sized SUP boards and very small surf foil boards. If you are into freeriding with a foil the Crosswing is a less expensive viable alternative with many unique benefits.

How would you compare the Crosswing (wingsurfing and wingboarding) to kitesurfing (kiteboarding).

Wingsurfing and wingboarding is very different to kitesurfing. The inflatable wing and the inflatable kite share many of the same materials and construction methods, but the experience is not the same. Wingsurfing provides a more tactile connection to the power source. You physically hang from and control the wing itself with your bare hands. You can operate a Crosswing in much smaller spaces that you would normally operate a kite. This is very evident especially when launching and landing. For example: you can literally set up and step out of a small dingy with a Crosswing.

What about big air? Can a Crosswing get the same hang time as a kite.

This is where these two sports differ. In terms of airtime, wingsurfing does not come close to the airs being performed with a kite or windsurf. It’s also not recommended to jump off of any hills or structures with a Crosswing in case you had any ideas…

More at: www.cabrinhakites.com

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