Sky Solbach on the Duotone Foil Wing

Duotone Foil Wing

The Product

What’s most unique about Duotone’s ‘Foil Wing’ is the use of a rigid boom that runs alongside the centre strut, through the middle of the wing. Its purpose is to provide higher levels of rigidity, offering an unparalleled feeling of control as well as unlimited hand positions.

duotone 2020 foil wing in paradise
When your wing matches the water..

The boom is fully adjustable to the size of wing you’re using – this means you’re only going to need one boom for your whole quiver. FYI, the wing comes without boom and leash, so you’ll need to buy those separately – find them in the related products section on their site, called the Foil Boom Silver Series (44300-3516) and the Wrist Leash (44200-8013).

colleen carroll duotone 2020 foil wing
Colleen Carroll at the helm in the Hood

Made with Duotone’s durable Technoforce cloth, the Foil Wing is available in four sizes and six different colours, all of which feature a see-through window and three battens that add rigidity and shape to the canopy.

Although it isn’t in the 3D renders used in the marketing material, the Foil Wing also has the common grab handle at the front of the wing which is useful for cutting the power when you’re on a wave and wanting to ride un-inhibited.

Foil Wing release video

The Foil Wing has been in development for a couple of years, and the design team have tested countless prototypes in order to create the perfect shape. During this process Duotone learnt that there were numerous advantages to using battens in the wing. They help to keep it rigid, reduce flutter and consequently drag, making it much more efficient.

sky solbach on the duotone 2020 foil wing hawaii maui
Sky Solbach cruising

Lots of reseach and development went into the leech tension and shape (Designer-speak for the trailing edge). Through various trailing edge iterations, Duotone enhanced upwind ability and improved power control when pumping the wing and the foil. All of this tuning has been done under the overarching goal of maintaining responsiveness and keeping the wing incredibly light.

Wondering about sizes? Here’s Duotone’s guide:

5m / range: 10-17 knots

4m / range 14-22 knots

3m / range 20-30 knots

2m / range 22-35 knots

Dan Gavere Shows How to Set-up the Foil Wing

More at: www.duotonesports.com/foil-wing/

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