Rocket Wing Iteration

F-One update the Rocket Wing Board

Same board, more performance

F-One have tweaked and perfected their dedicated WingSurf board, the Rocket Wing. It’s the smaller and more performance orientated board in their line-up and has been the weapon of choice for skilled riders such as Titouan Galea. Scroll down to see what F-One have got to say about the changes.

Rocket Wing Iteration

From F-One:

Compared to a larger board, the ROCKET WING has:

  • Reduced bulk size and reduced weight
  • Better balance, natural stance
  • Improved maneuverability and responsiveness
  • Pumping becomes more efficient and direct
  • Easier transportation and travel

All these advantages directly translate a lot more possibilities on the water. 

Using some straight rocker lines for an easy take-off and a wide tail outline for an optimized volume distribution, the ROCKET WING boards feature a sharp beveled rail profile to make the release easier during take-off and the touch-down smoother when the board hits the water again. In other words, you will be up and flying in no time and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water. 

Rocket Wing Iteration

More at F-one.world

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