F-One WingSurf Board

F-One WingSurf Boards

We’re going to focus on two of F-One’s offerings, both of which can be used for WingSurfing, but they cater to quite different needs. First off is their dedicated WingSurf board – this is the one that you may have seen Tituoan Galea using.


F-One WingSurf Board

The Rocket Wing is the product of extensive research and development, spurred by F-One’s desire to create a board that sits inbetween the easy-to-use (but somewhat restrictive) SUP foil boards and the fast-and-furious surf foil boards (that are too extreme). As a result, F-One looked to design a new shape, made specifically for WingSurfing.

‘Connect the bumps and enjoy your session’

The Rocket Wing is smaller in volume and weight and have been balanced so that when you’re up and riding, the board wants to maintain it’s smooth, ridable position above the water, keeping the pitch of the foil under control. Due to its smaller size, the board is easy to pump and when you’re up and flying, the board wants to carve. On a smaller board, there are more possibilities. It’s as simple as that, and once you’ve learnt to wingsurf you’ll be wanting to jump on a higher performance board like this one in no time at all.

F-One WingSurf Board

The straight rocker line allows for an easy take-off, but there’s enough curvature and volume to not pitch-pole. This is helped by the sharp beveled rail profile to make the release easier during take-off and the touch-down smoother. In other words, you will be up and flying in no time and you won’t be toppled over when you inevitably touch the water.

F-One WingSurf Board

The board is equipped with a recessed handle for easy carrying, which is acutally quite useful when you’re walking to the shore with your wing and your board! On top, there’s a full pad for comfort and on the bottom there’s a twin track system to connect with most foils on the market (4-bolt plate system).

F-One WingSurf Board

The Rocket Wing comes in a wide range of volumes to suit most riders and they’re all built with F-ONE’s proven bamboo construction with a double layer on deck for added resistance.

Sizes: 90, 80, 70 and 57L (5’10”, 5’8″, 5’4″ and 5’0″)

For board sizes (once you’re confident using a big board) F-One recommend: your weight + 10L

For help choosing your size, see our video at the bottom of this page.

More at F-One.world

F-One Rocket SUP

F-One’s SUP foil offering is the more forgiving, super-stable board that is the ideal vehicle for your first few WingSurfing sessions.

WingSurfing Beginner Board

Being able to control the waterstart on an ultra stable SUP board really makes things easier because you’re already stood up – and you’re much closer to being in the correct position to control the foil. You’ll notice that it’s narrower than your usual SUP board – this is because the foil adds a lot of stability. Its SUP-centric features make it the ideal board for your introduction to WingSurfing, so that you can be up and flying as soon as possible.

“The challenge when designing a Stand Up Foilboard is to keep all the volume you need to paddle, keep the stability and take off ability while taking away all volume you don’t need while flying” – F-One

WingSurfing Beginner Board

As mentioned above, once you’ve got the hang on WingSurfing, there are many advantages to a smaller board (Rocket Wing). However, the larger SUP foil boards will not go unused – they’re great for teaching people on and also for those no-wind days that present some ridable waves.

Sizes: 120, 105, 90 and 80L (7’6″, 7’0″, 6’6″ and 6’0″)

For board sizes, F-One recommend: your weight + 40L, so if you’re 80kgs, the 120L board is most suitable for learning to WingSurf.

For more help choosing your size:

More at F-One.world

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