Sky Solbach on the Duotone Foil Wing

Fanatic Sky Surf: WingSurf Board

5’11” HEAVEN

The largest Sky Surf, the 5’11”, is Fanatic’s WingSurfing flagship. This years model has a new outline, with a more tapered nose that has increased rocker that helps you keep the nose out of the water when you inevitably touch down.

Product Image Fanatic Sky Surf

What’s underneath?

The double concave bottom (which is quickly becoming industry standard) makes the board faster through the water whilst providing additional grip which is essential for a board with so much rocker.

Product Image Fanatic Sky Surf

The pronouced ‘late tail kick’ and the steep rails reduce drag when you’re on a wave as well as decreasing the chances of unwanted edge catching.

Product Image Fanatic Sky Surf
Tracking mount system allows for adjustment of foil placement on the board. Need more lift? Shift the foil forward.

Bonus Feature

There’s an awesome feature on the tail kick pad. If you look closely you’ll see a raised ridge – this is to help you find the middle of the board so that you know your foot is directly on top of the foil…

Fanatic Sky Surf Prone Board
Airton Cozzolino making prone surfing look easy

Naturally the Sky Surf shares many performance requirements with prone surfing. This has allowed Fanatic to pour in the R&D on the board range and it really shows. Everything from the slightly dug out top, to the super light EPS core is top of the line and meets the demands of the riders at the forefront of the sport.

Watch the product video:

Sky Solbach talks you through the range

Available in 5’11”, 5’2″ and 4’8″

More at Fanatic.com

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