Slingshot 2021

The new 2021 Flying Fish board from Slingshot

Slingshot say the Flying Fish has a unique combo of compact sizing and high volume offering great performance scores in Wingsurfing. The board lengths range from beginner (5’0) to intermediate (4’6) and expert (4’2) – awesome for all skill levels!
Slingshot Flying Fish

Slingshot list the following features they know you’ll love:

  • High volume design is ideal for catching waves with ease.
  • Chined rails will allow for a quicker release off the water and up onto foil, and provide additional clearance when banking turns.
  • Elongated EVA deck pad gives foilsurfers creativity when it comes to stance location, and eliminates the need for wax.
  • Inserts for foot-straps allow you the freedom to explore your every foiling desire – from airs, to winging, increased pump-ability and more.

Find out more at Slingshotsports.com

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