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New Hydrofoils & Boards

AK Compact wingboard

The AK Compact wingboard has been fully optimized for wingboarding with its highly concentrated volume and low swing weight.

Perfect for intermediate to advanced wing riders in lighter conditions, the stable platform and centralized volume create a board that is easy to throw around when jumping and doing progressive manoeuvres. The high apex rail maintains the feel of a narrow board, with stability provided by the additional width when not planing.

AK Phazer foilboard

The Phazer foilboard is a showcase of our obsession with versatility. We set out to create a single board range that caters to foilers who want to explore as many aspects of foil riding as possible, in a single product.

The fast rocker, high volume, and compact shapes are easy to use and high performance at the same time, while the optional footstraps and sandwich construction open up the aerial and high-speed potential.

AK Modular Foil Platform – Plasma / Tracer / Trek, foil series

Hydrofoiling has opened up the playground and allowed us to utilize the smallest waves, flattest lakes, and light wind conditions to bring a new sensation to performance surfing. Our love for the sport has inspired the modular hydrofoil platform, which is suitable for crossover use in surf, wake, pump, and wind sports.

From your very first ride and lower speed performance to the most technical riding abilities with longer masts and higher speed wings, the modular foil platform is designed to meet your needs at every level across different sports.

All wings, masts, fuselages, and base plates are interchangeable, without compromising the ease of assembly and robustness of the overall foil platform.

Read the Wing Surf World review of the 2021 AK Phazer 5’4” (65L) released in our August 2021 edition of the magazine – all free here!

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