Naish Matador LE

NEW Naish Matador Wing and Hover Foil Boards

The latest Naish limited edition Hover Foil boards and Matador wing

Matador LT

The Matador LT takes the Wing-Surfer Matador and makes it even leaner and meaner. With the same basic outline, shape, and overall structure of the Matador, the Matador LT remains a powerful and stable wing. But sometimes less is more. For an even lighter overall weight, the Matador LT comes with a window-free canopy and with no removable Y-Handles. If you want all the power and stability, but with the minimum swing weight possible for flagging on bumps, swells, and waves, the Matador LT does more with less!

Hover Wing Foil LE and Alana boards

The Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra boards are now available in a limited edition version featuring Naish’s iconic skull logo. With zero compromises in performance, the Hover Wing Foil LE is the ultimate addition to your quiver.

The Hover Wing Foil Alana Carbon Ultra is the latest Hover Wing Foil board with a graphic that will help you stand out in the crowd. The Hover Wing Foil Alana delivers all of the same performance features as our original Hover Wing Foil boards and is available in the 75 L and 95 L.

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