How to pack your wing-surfer

Robby Naish On How To Pack Your Wing-Surfer


New Bags have replaced the old in order to prolong the life of your Wings PVC Windows. Robby Naish demonstrates the correct way on how you should now pack your Wing-Surfers.

The key is to avoid creating any corners while packing up your Wing that might cause future issues. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Roll the Wing-Surfer from the tips to the center strut from both sides.

Step 2. Once your Wing is folded from both ends, take the back end of your Wing-Surfer and fold it up to the back of the window – make sure you are not folding the window as you want to avoid creases.

Step 3. Make sure there are no creases on the window and then slide into the bag.

Following this process will ensure the longevity of your new S25 Wing-Surfer.

Find out more: www.wing-surfer.com

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