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Freshly released is this excellent series of technical Shinn hydrofoil videos in which Mark Shinn discusses various design theories, as well as the differences that small changes in the way you set-up your equipment can have on your riding.

We start with the most recently released video about how the rear stabilizers work, and then you can find more below, detailing the full range and customisation that’s possible with Shinn hydrofoils for wingsurfing. Grab a brew and get your notebook…

Find more on the Shinn hydrofoil, windsurfing and kiteboarding ranges at: www.shinnworld.com

Stabilizer set up is critical to obtaining maximum performance from your Suprahydro. In this video Mark explains how to choose the stab size best suited to you and how to shim it to fine tune the performance to your liking
The Suprahydro foil features 5 different front wing sizes. In this video Mark talks you through performance and differing uses of the range .
Fuselage size and effect: With 2 different lengths and a unique, adjustable mast position, the Suprahydro fuselage is both functional and practical. In this video Mark explains the differences in performance and use of each part and setting
The correct way to assemble your Suprahydro Hydrofoil
Aluminium and carbon mast differences: In this video Mark explains why the mast design is so important and which length will be best for you

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Mark Shinn features on the cover of our latest issue and also produced a details wingsurfing spot guide for one of his favourite locations, El Medano in Tenerife (where he also shot these videos). It’s all in the new issue – open it for free here!

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