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Slingy has a few boards that are suitable for WingSurfing, one of which is optimal for learning the ropes:

The Levitator 150/160L

Slingshot Levitator

The Levitator has its roots in Windsurfing, which shares a lot of cross over features with the blossoming sport of WingSurfing. This high-volume board is designed to make your journey into winging as easy and fun as possible – for its length, the Levitator’s high volume provides early planing and easy stand up waterstarts.

Slingshot Levitator

Despite the large volume, the Levitator remains nimble and agile once you’re up and cruising. In light wind it’s easy pump yourself up to speed to get on-foil which will make all the difference in your success and progress. This is a board designed to get you up, foiling and having fun as quickly and easily as possible.

Slingshot Levitator

The board is heavy duty, designed to take withstand a pounding but with convenience in mind – hence the mutiple strap placement points and the super-easy foil tracking mount system, which is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Sizes: 160 and 150L (7’0″ and 6’6″)

For board sizes, we recommend the 150L Levitator. We usually go by the rule: your weight + 40L (so if you’re 80kgs, 120 will work nicely). The Levitator is particularly large, which makes it even easier for learning, but you’re going to want to size down once you got a bit of water time under your belt.

Watch Sam Light put the Levitator to use

More at Slingshotsport.com

The Outwit 100/120/140L

Slingshot Outwit

The other WingSurf-friendly board from Slingshot is the Outwit – a versatile SUP foil board that is great for WingSurfing in all conditions. Its SUP DNA means it is short and narrow but with a high-volume. The profile is surrounded by beveled edges on the underside that give the board earlier release from the water and prevents edge contact when you’re on-foil and carving. The Outwit is designed from the ground up to make getting up to speed and catching waves as easy as possible while remaining agile, playful and pumpable once you’re on-foil and cruising.

Slingshot Outwit

The Concave deck gives heel-toe leverage for responsive turning and carving, providing a solid grip underfoot so that you can execute the largest and finest of movements.

Slingshot Outwit

Underneath, the sculpted bottom contour helps with early takeoff, prevents “sticking” when you touch down. This is crucial for linking waves and prevents having to excert lots of effort pumping the wing in order to get up onto the foil again.

The foil attachment point is fully adjustable, simply move your foil forward or back to find your sweet spot depending on size, weight, conditions and foil choice.

Sizes: 140, 120 and 100L (7’6″, 6’6″ and 5’10”)

For board sizes we usually go by the rule: your weight + 40L (so if you’re 80kgs, 120 will work nicely).

More at Slingshotsports.com

HIGH ROLLER 29/32/39


Got the basics down? Good. Doing turns? Good. Want to take it to the next level? Let us show you the High Roller – Slingshot’s small volume board made for those who rip.


The High Roller is a new generation of foil surfboard designed specifically for paddle-in foil surfing, carving and pumping until your legs catch on fire.‘ – Slingshot

It can be used for WingSurfing, but it will only perform with a skilled rider at the helm due to it’s lack of volume. Basically, waterstarts are a nightmare but once you’re up, there’s no better board.


Lots of boards are adaptations of surfboards that have been made stiffer. Not this one. The High Roller is packed with foil-specific features designed for easy paddling, early takeoff, cat-like agility and Superman pumpability, that has only been achievable with lots of R&D and time on the water testing. The ‘S-Rail‘ for instance, paddles like a board twice its length, using the clever concave to great a greater efficiency when cutting through the water.


It’s rienforced like a armoured vehicle. Carbon inserts are everywhere, providing additional support and durability on strategic areas of the board. It’s also got an adjustable track mount for your chosen foil so that you can get the balance just to your liking.

Sizes: 39, 32 and 29L (5’2″, 4’6″ and 4’0″)

For sizes, we recommend the biggest in the High roller range: 39L for its added usability.

More at: Slingshotsports.com

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