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WingSurfWorld issue #04 has just gone live. Read it right here! You can read the intro-welcome to the issue, by WSW editor, Jim Gaunt, by scrolling down here

The wonderful world of winging meets the wondrous wiles of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, at least)!

This summer really marks the first proper full season that wingsurfing / wingfoiling / wingboarding was already at galloping speed in terms of rising popularity when the first spring winds blew. Off the back of an explosion in participants last season, at whichever windsport beach you go to this year, you’ll likely find ranks of rapidly progressing intermediates.

Winging is here to stay. Where it will go is another question, perhaps best put to the most explosive and groundbreaking freestyler, Swiss rider, Balz Müller, AKA: Radiculo. Find his interview, here.

We are based in the UK where it’s probably quite easy for you to breeze through our borders and visit us, should you so wish (and why wouldn’t you – the UK is a fantastic place to be in the summer). It is, however, quite an administrative ordeal for any of us to venture on an exciting foreign winging escapade ourselves. Once again, who knows what’s around the corner concerning that, but for those of you who are able to travel (and hopefully that will include us in the not too distant future), we have features on a handful of epic spots that are quickly rising up the bucket lists of wingsurf holiday destinations: you’ll find three of them in Baja-California and one on the island of Rhodes, in Greece.

After 18 months of hard riding labour, we’re pleased to bring you the first in our series of product reviews this issue! Our team have 18 years experience of testing products for Kiteworld magazine. We always try to squeeze out the characteristics of each product with relevance to the intermediate and improving rider who is keenly researching the market – and that’s also our aim with wingsurfing product reviews.

Our first reviews this issue are the: F-One Strike and Shinn Resurector wings, the Naish Hover 75L and F-One Rocket Wing V2 boards, plus the Naish Jet 1650 and F-One Phantom FCT 1280 hydrofoil set-ups. Click those product names to hop directly to the tests.

Wingsurfing may seem a heap of complicatedness to you at the moment, as you eye up the contraptions on land, or attempt to pull the techniques together on the water. Trust me: at some point your body learns to speak the foil’s language – up to that moment it’s hard to work out what you’re doing wrong, and after that it’s then hard to decipher what you did right. Regardless, pretty soon your body, wing and foil are seemingly able to communicate in some sort of secret language all of their own.

You’ll learn to relax on the wing, look around you… and even wave. We have a technique feature on that too (it’s not really about waving, though) – find it here.

Also this issue, find out how Clément Colmas dealt with riding Teahupo’o on his wing gear for the first time… and whether you’re cut out for surf foiling, in this feature.

There’s no time to waste! Summer’s in full swing, the weather’s warm, the water’s clear and the valley in the hills behind us is about to suck in the sea breeze!

See you on the water,

Jim Gaunt
Wing Surf World Editor

Main Image: Hendrick Lopes, making it probably look a bit too easy… Photo:@fningasurfkultura


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