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How does one wing deliver much more power than another of the same size, and why do some wings drift with more neutral balance? Slingshot wingsurf and windsurf brand manager, Wyatt Miller, runs us through the handling characteristics that different wing profile designs can produce

Wingsurf wing design differences, explained by Slingshot's Wyatt Miller in Wing Surf World issue #02
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Essentially, the deep shape in a wing – usually referred to as draft or camber – gives a wing low end power at the expense of speed and upwind ability. A deep draft can increase drag and limit a wing’s ability to feel like it ‘disappears’ in your hands when luffing behind you on downwind runs.

For what most people want in their early stages and then for catching swells, the challenge for a designer is to create a deep draft for quick on/off power that then collapses and reduces drag when the wing is luffing behind you…

(Excerpt from the full feature, which includes details of the design fundamentals and shaping differences between Slingshot’s Slingwing V2 and the soon-to-be-released Dart wing, which is very powerful and aimed at freestyle riders)

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