5 Common Beginner Mistakes

Damien LeRoy talks you through the 5 most common mistakes when learning to wingfoil and how to overcome them

Damien says:

In this video, we share the 5 most common mistakes we all do when we start wing foiling, and give you tips to help you overcome those mistakes! Wing foiling is NOT easy but it will come with time and effort. Kelly had no prior experience in any water sports and she is crushing it! Today she is here to tell you that YOU can do it as well. Keep at it, be persistent, and we can’t wait to see you on the water wing foiling!

0:00​ Intro
0:51​ Mistake #1 Wrong gear
2:11​ Mistake #2 Not pumping
3:44​ Mistake #3 Bent over
4:56​ Mistake #4 Pull too much on back hand
6:24​ Mistake #5 Going down wind
8:31​ Bonus Too much up wind
10:22​ Tip from Kelly

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