Crossing the Kattegat Sea

Casper Steinfath embarks on maiden Hydroil crossing of the Kattegat Sea

May 9, 2021, Kattegat Sea

PHOTO CREDIT: Jakob Gjerluff Ager

STORY COVERAGE: Ole Wejse Svarrer

In an incredible show of stamina and determination, Casper Steinfath makes history as the first to cross the Kattegat Sea between Sweden and Denmark by Hydrofoil.

Casper Steinfath on foil while crossing the Kattegat Sea
After months of training and patiently waiting for the perfect conditions to arise, Casper Steinfath set off to cross the Kattegat Sea on his Jet HA 1400, 85 cm mast, and 95 L Hover board, with only a paddle in hand.
The six-time SUP World Champion has many accomplishments under his belt already and constantly seeks his next challenge. 
With the go-ahead from his team and winds holding strong at 20-25 knots, Casper departed from Grenaa in the early morning hours and traded land for the endless open sea ahead.
Casper Steinfath after the crossing
The mental and physical challenge of completing a crossing of such magnitude is something one can only imagine. 
With only seven kilometers to go, the wind shut off and the waves dissipated. At this point, Casper’s willpower was tested and he had to decide whether it was time to call it quits, or to push through and paddle to the finish line lying on his board in a prone position with the foil underneath him.
He chose to finish what he started and kept fighting.
Casper Steinfath paddled in on the last 7km
“I couldn’t get my foil flying. I was grounded seven kilometers from the shore with no wave and powerless legs. I was toast. But I could see my destination, and my arms were still working, so after a few hours, I came ashore,” said Casper.
Casper Steinfath after finishing the Kattegat Sea crossing

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