Duotone Foil Wing Award

Duotone’s Wing Strikes Gold!

Foil Wing Scoops Industry Prize

The annual ISPO awards have praised Duotone for their R&D efforts on the Foil Wing. It shone in a tough field of competitors from a range of sports brands, taking home the top prize in the Fitness and Team Sports category.

From the juding panel: “The Duotone Foil Wing enriches the spectrum of water sports activities and makes them more accessible. The design invites you to combine it with other activities, such as skateboarding. Quick to pack and easy to reassemble, it can be easily transported by bike or on the train and is just as easy to use. It also invites you to other activities, such as skateboarding or inline skating”.

Duotone Foil Wing Award

Here is the response from Boards & More’s CEO, Till Eberle: “This Gold award highlights how far the Watersports industry has come. It’s a lifestyle and attitude to life which Duotone has played part in creating. For the Foil Wing to win is truly amazing. When Duotone kite designer, Ken Winner, first came to me with the Foil Wing concept I had no idea that it would become such a trend over night. It has added another dimension to the way we ride, more diversity, more fun“.

Duotone Foil Wing Award

Congrats to Duotone for the well deserved win – their ambition and innovation continue to fuel our passions here at WSW. Click here for our write-up on the Duotone Foil Wing

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