Duotone team Q&A interview

Foil Wing Q&A with Duotone Team

This is a simple video but covers all the important first questions you’ll have in detail.

The Panel:

Klaas Voget (Pro Windsurfer and Fanatic Design Team)
Sky Solbach (Duotone Kiteboarding and board shaper)
Dan Gavere (Fanatic North America)
Interview by: Dan Schwarz

The Questions

(00:58) Q1: What´s the easiest way to learn this sport?
(04:20) Q2: What gear would you recommend to get started?
(06:13) Q3: How much wind do you need?
(07:28) Q4: How do you know what size of wing and board do you need?
(10:58) Q5: Why did we move from an inflateable strut to a solid mast?
(12:57) Q6: Ho do you pack one of these wings up?
(15:29) Q7: Why? Why wingfoiling?
(18:46) Q8: Don´t your arms get tired from holding the wing up?
(21:43) Q9: How do you start on a little board?

Find more info on the Duotone Foil Wing here.

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