day 2 at Mondial du Vent in Leucate

GWA Wingfoil World Cut Mondial du Vent

29th April 2021

Location: La Franqui, Leucate
Report: Sasha Jade Gabriel
Photos: Samuel Cardenas
Video: Mintautas Grigas

The second morning of the event began with light winds and some rain in Leucate. With this down time, the riders and the organisers proposed suggestions on a new judging criteria to get everyone on the same page before getting on the water.

There was an exciting tone to the skippers meeting this morning, as the riders have the unique opportunity to influence where this new sport goes. 

Many interesting points were arising that one may not have considered whilst entering the sport from a different discipline. 

We hear statements such as: “I come from kitesurfing”  and “I come from windsurfing” as the riders introduced their propositions, remaining respectfully aware they are entering Wingfoiling from respective disciplines. 

By the end of the meeting everyone came to the conclusion that it’s important that no background empowers another for the progression of the sport to remain as limitless as possible, and agreed on rules that worked best for everyone. 

With the wind not blowing to distract the riders, we had the chance to pick their brains and ask them what wing foiling is all about.

And who better start with than a rider who has been present in the evolution of Watersports sports since 1994. Antoine Albeau the world recognised French windsurfer who holds twenty-five Windsurfing World Championships in different disciplines and doesn’t stop there. 

Although Antoine is a big competitor, he didn’t come here to win. He came here to promote this new possibility of enjoying the water. 

“It’s hard to say where Wingfoiling will go, but It’s really easy to try. Almost anyone can go and manipulate this little wing. It’s not as intimidating as the big kite or sail from windsurfing. I think people will do it and try it.” – highlights Antoine.

Marcella Witt (BRA) continued to highlight how Wingfoiling also allows us to play with the water in places one never considered. 

“Normally I’m not able to kite in offshore wind, and now I can do it! For the first time I was wing foiling in Shakawa, Mexico! I think this sport can discover a lot of new places. We can go everywhere. We can do whatever we want.” 

The current champion Balz Müller (CHE) seems to be excited about a different perspective of possibilities this sport allows. Not so much the conditions, nor the places, but the body itself

When we asked him which sport he practiced has influenced his Wingfoiling the most he replied: 

“It definitely helps to understand the wind, but it also really helps to know how to move your body. I’m also a great trampoline jumper so I’m sure that influences my Wingfoiling…At the moment I see no limit coming up. When I’m going to bed my brain is spinning thinking about new figures I want to try!”

Unfortunately the winds never reached the shores of Leucate. The waiting game for the wind continues here at Mondial du Vent, but the riders remind us that game only stops when you stop playing whilst they continue to enjoy the ocean and keep the spirits high for the rest of the event.

The sun showed it’s light today, hopefully the wind will show it’s power tomorrow! The forecast looks promising for the weekend. 

We’ll be kicking off on Friday with the daily skippers meeting at 9.00 am with a first possible start at 10.00 am (CET)

Fingers crossed!


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