Kevin Langeree Naish Wing Surfer

King of the Air Kevin Langeree Tries Wing-Surfing

Kevin and Robby Chew the Wing-surf Fat

Kevin Langeree is a kitesurfing World Champion and in 2019 also became the first rider to win three Red Bull King of the Air titles. He knows wind, and if you’ve seen any of his very popular vlogs, you’ll know he knows fun. He also got to grips with wing-surfing in Tarifa this summer through his team boss, Robby Naish.

Kevin reveals his inner butterfly

What Kevin says:

Lately a lot of brands are coming out with a wingsurfer. It’s the new trend! I read a lot of mixed comments. Some people love it and some hate it, so I thought I would make a KEVVLOG about it to share my thoughts on the Wingsurfer. My suggestion is to first give it a go before you really know how it is. But I can tell you one thing it’s FUN!

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