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Learn to Wingsurf Without Any Prior Watersports Experience

There’s no reason that someone without any watersports experience couldn’t learn to wingsurf quite swiftly. Obviously, anyone who’s surf foiled already will be best placed to make quick progress. One thing I really like is that winging allows me to spend so much more time riding waves on the foil. I also love surf foiling and all these foiling disciplines cross-over so well.

If you can get comfortable riding any sort of foil on a wave face, that’s priceless experience, especially if you are interested in also learning to surf foil (paddling into a wave). I think what we’re looking at, and the ethos that Wing Surf World are really behind, is that there’s a new generation of watersports participant who isn’t interested in being limited by doing just one discipline.

If you look in the back of cars and vans at beach car parks these days you’ll see that the really active guys and girls are crossing over in their foil skills, from kite and windsurf, to SUP, surf and winging. The pathway to progress isn’t very long, but it really helps to take your first steps on suitable gear.

So now let’s concentrate on the key characteristics that you should look for in a board for wingsurfing/foiling specifically…

Learn to wingsurf feature

Extract from The Wingsurfing Journey in Wing Surf World issue #01, by Neal Gent – read it all for free here!

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