Ktwo's Debut

Mike Birt’s First Winging Session

Mike Birt’s debut on the 4m Airush Air

Airush / Shinn UK importer, Mike Birt (KTwo) got his first go on an AK
Durable Supply Co foil and Starboard Air wing.

Here’s what he said:

Last Friday, having butchered a warranty SUP, I bolted AK’s surf wing to
it, and headed out on a 4m Airush Air to find out what this whole wing
foil thing is about. It looks tricky. I can report it’s really not.
There are some fundamentals to grasp with the wing (ie getting it to fly
where you want it to rather than trying to force it), but once you have
that figured, the rest is very easy.

The above vid shows my first runs. I now have a hankering to go back but
with a more bespoke designed board, and see what extra lightwind
performance I can unlock. This was the achillies heel for me. Is it here
to stay? Yes. I think it will be around long enough for the kit to
develop to such a point that it becomes far more practical than people
currently give it credit for. Sure the wings will get better, but I
think the biggest gains will come first and foremost from the foils and
the boards if I’m honest, certainly regarding practicality and ease for
public use.

I think the public’s love of this sport will come more from the
practicality, security that it offers over the extreme riding.

We’ll be in touch soon with news of the Airush wing’s full launch and
demo program. Sizes up to 7m straight off the bat.

Find Mike at ktwodistribution.com

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