Ozone Wasp V1

Ozone Adds 5 and 6m Wasp Variants

The Wasp Is Growing

The Wasp v1 is one of the most popular WingSurf wings on the market. It’s known for being very lightweight and for its lack of drag in the water, aided by its relatively low aspect design.

As of December 2019, Ozone are giving their riders the option of 5 and 6m Wasps, which, if you check out the video below, makes for a good option for heavier riders. Torrin says that the 5m is a good one-wing-quiver for a 90kg+ rider and that the 6m is a must if you’re looking at riding in lighter winds.

This is good news for the whole industry, giving the consumer more options and raising the bar within the brands to offer a larger range of sizes. Check our write-up on the Wasp here

More at Ozonekites.com

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