RRD new team wingfoil rider

RRD Expand Their Foil Team

Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD), based in Italy, are looking ahead to a positive recovery after having their lives turned upside down from Covid-19. “We will come out stronger and with greater energy.” Here’s some more info they have just released about some exciting, new team members:


“2020 represents an exciting change for RRD. As a company we are dedicated to all watersports as this is where our passion begins.

“This year we have started collaborations with new, young, enthusiastic riders who have a drive to push beyond what they love doing. They are extremely talented and able to practise more disciplines and without limits related to the conditions.

“The new International team is now made up of riders with great potential and who reflect a new trend that will lead us more towards enjoying all our watersports.”


RRD team riders Julien and Camille Bouyer

Nationality: French brothers
Age: 25 and 21
Discipline: Wingfoil, Sup, Windsurf, Kitesurf and all other foil disciplines
Hobbies: Watersports, Youtube videos, Friends, sharing their passion for the water

Instagram: @julienbouyer, @camsf2
YouTube: JujuCams Life

Bonjour boys. We picked a video with minimal French chatter… as these two like to parler! Beautiful SUP foil waves in this one…


RRD new team wingfoil rider

Nationality: Dutch
Age: 21
Discipline: Wingfoil
Hobbies: Wingfoil, Windsurf, Surf, Sup, Longboard

Instagram: @bowienvanderlinden


New RRD team rider Baptiste Cloarec
OK, no foiling for Baptiste… yet… but his Instagram shows he rips!

Nationality: French
Age: 19
Discipline: Windsurf, Surf, Kite
Hobbies: Foil, Surf, Motocross

Instagram: @baptiste_cloarec
Facebook: Baptiste Cloarec FRA 258

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