GWA 2021 - Dakhla, Morocco 2021 - Final day

The Final Day of Action from Dakhla, Morocco

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco 2021, The Final Day

Media release, 07 November 2021

Words: Gemma Hamaini / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova / Video: Mintautas Grigas

It was a spectacular day of racing for the final moments of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour in Dakhla, Morocco. The event site was moved to PK25 Hotel Dakhla on the lagoon for some flat-water, full-speed, racing action. The conditions were optimal with 20 knots of wind, and a perfect high-tide. We completed two more full eliminations for the men, and four eliminations for the women, meaning men were allowed one race discard, whilst the women had three.

Titouan Galea claimed a well earned victory in the Race Discipline at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco. He proved that his speed and consistency made him unbeatable on the race course. We will have to see if Mathis Ghio, Francesco Cappuzzo or Hugo Marin can catch up to him at our next upcoming event in Fortaleza, Brazil.

“There was some super tight racing today with Mathis, it was great fun,” said Titouan. “Now we will go for the expression session to make the most of these great conditions.”

Watch the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco, Surf-Freestyle, Final day video here:

The final men’s rankings for the Race Discipline are:

1st, Titouan Galea / 2nd, Mathis Ghio / 3rd, Francesco Cappuzzo

GWA 2021 - Dakhla, Morocco 2021 - Men's Podium

For the final women’s elimination of the day, Fiona Wylde was unstoppable, and cruised through with a very solid lead. She proved that she is as confident with her racing as she is with the surf-freestyle discipline, taking her 4th win of the day. Bowien van der Linden once again grabbed 2nd place, Orane Ceris in 3rd and Paula Novotna in 4th.

With the penultimate GWA Wingfoil World Tour event coming up very shortly in Brazil, it will be interesting to see what will happen as these women make a last push to advance their positions in the overall rankings. One thing is very clear, Fiona Wylde will once again be crowned Queen of the Desert here in Dakhla, Morocco.

“Today was really incredible. The racing was really tight between myself and Bowien,” said Fiona. “It was two amazing days of racing. Im definitely very tired now, but also extremely happy.”

The final rankings for the Women’s Race Discipline are:

1st, Fiona Wylde / 2nd, Bowien van der Linden / 3rd, Orane Ceris

GWA 2021 - Dakhla, Morocco 2021 - Women's Podium

Dakhla has provided exceptional conditions for both the Surf-Freestyle discipline and the Race discipline for us this week, and shows us why it is known as a top global location for wingfoiling. We would like to thank all of the sponsors, organizers, athletes and crew for this fantastic event this week in Dakhla, Morocco.

Next stop – GWA Wingfoil World Cup Fortaleza at Superfoil Brazil, 16 – 21 November

GWA Superfoil 2021 - Brazil


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