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7 Tips After 7 Days Wingfoiling – by Rob from Progression

Rob Claisse is a good friend of Wing Surf World and a real demon kite foiler. He runs Progression, which has produced a respected library of kitesurfing instructional videos of great detail. He worked with the British Kitesports Association to develop their kite foiling teaching syllabus and is now the leading kite foil coach in the UK.

Rob wasn’t quick to jump on the wing thing, though. By his own admission he’s taller and heavier than the average rider, which he felt would run against him in the dynamics of wingsurfing. His hesitance however was primarily due to the fact that winging and kiting work in the same conditions, and he still has so much that he wants to learn in kite foiling that the push to wing took a while to naturally arise.

A week of offshore winds recently saw him venture east to find suitable conditions and, as is so often the case, it’s a fresh perspective and situation that can shock you into finally trying something. There’s that, but also the fact that he’d finally received the bigger 5’10” F-One Rocket Wing V2…

Read Rob’s blog post here

‘7 Tips After 7 Days’: see if you agree with his tips. Rob has an incredibly analytical mind and no doubt he’s replayed every single run and turn attempt over and over in his mind. If you’re taller and bigger than average yourself, you may well also be very interested in Rob’s findings.



Here’s an update on Rob’s blog post, a tips video:

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