Foil pumping technique lesson

Pump Foiling Technique

AK Durable Supply Co’s Zane Schweitzer delivers an in-depth rundown to the impressive wave to wave propulsion technique that you’ve been watching on socials all year!


Words: Zane Schweitzer
Rider: Alvaro Onieva
Photo: Samuel Cardenas

Pump foiling technique

It seems there’s no better time than now to work on your theory:

Pumping, whether in flat water off a jetty or after a wave ride, is specific to prone foiling without a paddle – though there are times you can pump when using a wing, too. It is easiest to practice pumping as you kick out of a wave whilst you have got some momentum going.

If you don’t have waves in your area, you can apply the same basic movement, but will require a much quicker start to your pump. Either way, these are the basic principles of learning how to pump foil…

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