Balz Muller wingsurfing tricks

Muller’s Moment


RIDER: Balz Müller
LOCATION: Urnersee – Isleten (or Lake Uri)
PHOTO: Tobias Sonanini

Balz adding the extra heat of his now trade mark back loop to the Urnersee environment

The ‘Föhn’ is a strong southerly wind that blows through the Swiss Alps during the winter months. A curse for the ski resort, the Föhn is truly a snow eater. The falling wind heats up one degree per hundred metres of descent, so it’s not uncommon to feel warm temperatures in the deepest of winter. If you then consider the majestic 3,073 metre high Briesten mountain and let the Föhnstorm fall down to the lake Urnersee on the valley floor, only the ice-cold melted snow water reminds you that it is probably time to replace the surfboard with the snowboard!


Check out Balz Müller’s latest video for more aerial action. He really is something else…

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