Wing surfing in Theologos, Rhodes

Theologos, Rhodes spot guide as featured in WSW #04

This in-depth spot guide on Theologos, Rhodes is available to read for free now in WSW issue 04. Here’s a little more info below – or jump directly to the feature here

Combining consistent winds, breathtaking water conditions and cultural diversity, Theologos in Greece is definitely a spot to keep on the bucket list

Theologos, located just five kilometres south of Rhodes airport on the west coast of the island, is an amazing wind sport destination, suited to families as well as single travellers.

Theologos beach cleanly catches the steady Meltemi winds which blow cross / cross-onshore from the left. In the morning the winds are typically light, around 12-15 knots, making ideal conditions for beginner wing foilers. In the afternoon the wind gets stronger, blowing around 25 knots, and conditions stick around until sunset.

The windy season is from April to October with the peak months being July, August and September when it can blow up to six or seven days a week with the prevailing northwest / westerly winds blowing steadily and uninterrupted cross-shore with no obstructions.

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